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Help bring awareness and funds to Omaha's mental health resources.


Bike/Walk and Eat Tacos in a fun community event on the Wabash Trace,

in honor of Mike Kutilek & Mae Horgan.

Sat. JUNE 7, 2025

See you next year

Bike with Mike

9am CHECK-IN at trailhead

10am RIDE to Tobey Jacks

Walk with Mae

10am START WALK at Tobey Jacks

Trailhead location: Lewis Central Middle School

Tacos/Program: Tobey Jacks in Mineola, IA

Grab your bike or your best walking shoes and join us on the Wabash Trace “Taco Ride" (about 10 miles or 50 minutes, each way by bike).

At the halfway point at Tobey Jacks restaurant in Mineola, IA there will be tacos served, a short program, and raffle prizes!


Walkers can drive to Tobey Jack's and walk as much of the trail as they please.

Remember to be safe and wear a helmet.

Keep to the right hand side of the trail and space out.

$800,000+ raised

over the past 4 years!

All proceeds directly support the integrated health services provided by Community Alliance in Omaha.

In 2023 CA's Outpatient Services experienced a

34% increase

in client screenings,

while wait time decreased from

30 days to 4 days.





Mike Kutilek was an outgoing and healthy young man who enjoyed a number of outdoor activities, but he especially loved biking. He learned to ride a bike very early at age 3, and it just kept growing into long bike rides with friends on trails like the Wabash Trace. Mike especially loved the popular Wabash Trace "Taco Ride" on Thursday nights with friends and family.


In Mike's late twenties he manifested mental illness and eventually passed away in May of 2020 at age 29. The Kutilek family experienced the hardships of dealing with mental illness for a loved one, along with the need for mental health resources and awareness in the Omaha community. The family is organizing an event in Mike's honor that raises funds to help support Community Alliance, a local mental health organization that is having a significant impact in the community.


Mae Horgan, a vibrant and cherished soul who was also a close friend of Mike, tragically lost her life to mental illness in 2023 at the age of 32.  A graduate of Duchesne Academy in Omaha and Fordham University in New York, Mae earned notable academic achievements and had a profound love for art.


Mae was a beacon of kindness, intelligence, and compassion; and her warm and infectious spirit brought joy and laughter to those around her.  Her strong bond with her family, especially with her mother Catherine, highlighted the importance of her love and support in her life. 


Mae’s legacy inspires a continued effort to support and cherish those struggling with mental health challenges.

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